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What are the advantages of jet dispensers?

Release time:2020-11-26 15:18:00  Views: 208

What are the advantages of jet dispensers? In addition to conventional contact dispensers, the current high-tech products are mostly non-contact jet dispensers. Non-contact dispensing is suitable for precision component dispensing, fine product bonding, packaging, paint, etc. Jet dispensing is the most commonly used automatic packaging equipment and automatic coloring equipment for many precision components. Compared with conventional contact dispensers, what are the advantages of non-contact dispensers of large-axis jet dispensers?

1. Automatic jet dispensing machine, using imported jet dispensing valve

Imported jet dispensing valve, high-quality, high-precision jet valve. Based on the electro-pneumatic working principle, the jet-type dispensing valve uses non-contact glue spraying; it has the characteristics of high-precision dispensing of various glues, and can also automatically calibrate the distribution of low-viscosity and medium-viscosity fluids and slurries; jet-type dispensing valves With modular design, actuators, fluid standard chambers, nozzles of various specifications, etc. can be replaced according to the required spray requirements.

2. Automatic jet dispenser, with CCD vision system for dispensing work.

Dispenser with vision system, high configuration jet dispensing valve, is the best configuration of CCD vision dispenser;

CCD vision dispenser has automatic positioning vision function, suitable for high-precision jetting process;

Jet ccd vision dispenser, with high-precision jet valve configuration, and CCD vision system automatic positioning function, high-precision and high-speed dispensing and spraying paint, complete fine dispensing and dispensing work, suitable for 3c digital dispensing, electronic component dispensing Glue, high-precision product dispensing, handicraft dispensing, auto supplies dispensing, etc.